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Destination Wedding ~ Sam & Yin Melbourne Ceremony & Reception

SAM & YIN Actual Day Destination Wedding Ceremony

To start off, what an awesomely lovely couple. Life's journey took them to Melbourne at different stage of their lives and both made Melbourne their home. They met and love blossoms! How fate can be so kind and miraculous. Meeting the right person on the right place on the right time. 

Here we are in Melbourne celebrating their union as one. In this beautiful cosmopolitan city they call home. The lovely backdrop at Manton's Creek hosted the couple's wedding ceremony, witnessed by families and close friends. 

The icing on the cake, was a fun-filled reception at Melbourne's Epicurean. Great speeches, warm kisses and random laughters filled the air. Indeed a perfect day awaited them...

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Melbourne Wedding

Melbourne Wedding Day

SAM & YIN Actual Day Destination Wedding Reception 

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