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Abel & Lynn PreWedding

"Dear Colin and Rachel, would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time and effort you've put into our outdoor shoot. Thanks Rachel for transforming me into a beautiful bride. Thanks Colin for capturing all the beautiful memories. Entrusting the right people to handle our pre-wedding photography is an important decision. After-all, it is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Everything needs to be perfect. These days, anyone can easily be a photographer, but to direct inexperience couples to get the perfect poses, finding the right angle, getting the right lightings, throwing the veils, capturing the moments at the right time; only one who is full of passion and dedication in what one does could deliver exceptionally good results. Abel and I are really glad that we have found Colin and Rachel of Timeless Romance. Numerous of our wedding guests that viewed our wedding album commented that it was the most beautiful wedding album they have ever seen. It is indeed a masterpiece. We know that we have gotten the right people to capture the most important moment of our life. Thank you Colin & Rachel. We truly appreciate what you've done for us."

- Abel & Lynn

"If there is only one word to describe Colin, this word is 'Dedicated'. I learnt about Timeless Romance through a friend via facebook whose pre-wedding pictures really caught my eye!When I first met Colin to find out more about his photography packages, I found him to be overly chatty but never pushy! My hubby & I decided to use his services and it proved to be a right choice! We met up with Colin again to discuss about ideas for our engagement shoot & he always knew the right questions & was full of concepts & ideas. Whether you are a cam-whore or a wooden block when it comes to taking pictures, Colin will be able to turn you into a 'superstar' with his photography style & editing skills! We had lots of fun during the engagement shoot & on our wedding day. He made us laugh, made us jump, made us fly, so much that we really enjoyed the entire process while he puts in his very best to capture the special moments that will last a memory of a lifetime! So if you are looking for a wedding photographer whom you can trust to deliver nothing lesser than the best, it's got to be TIMELESS ROMANCE! And don’t you love it when you can find in him a friend even after your wedding is done?"

- SL & Christina

First Light In Paris

"Colin has made our wedding very beautiful and memorable. He is a fabulous photographer who always manage to capture the best of every angle and inthe process make us look very good. Thank you Colin for risking your life by lying on the road for some hard to shoot shots. And Rachel, the hair and make-up were amazing, thank you so much for making me feel like the prettiest bride on earth! You guys make such a wonderful team. You havebeen very obliging both here and overseas and we really enjoyed our time with you in Paris. Words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation. We would definitely recommend your services to all our friends who are getting married!"

- Shawn & Estelle

"We are Cindy Bernadette and Martin Satow. We got married last year in September and as half Asian half European couple, we believe that a pre - wedding photo shoot is a MUST do actually our races have nothing to do with it, we believe that all romantic moments should be captured beautifully and sincerely. 

And for all that, we believe we have picked Asia's best photographer, Colin Ho from Timeless-romance. So we decided to have the photo shoot in May 2014. Communication with him was very smooth, he replied to our first email very fast, he is always on time for meetings and our sessions were very productive. We shared lots of ideas we wanted to project and we made it a beautiful reality thanks to him!

Colin worked amazingly fast, efficient and he was very patient towards us the whole day, with his humour he made the session easier especially to overcome my sudden migraine attack in the middle of our photo shoot BUT most importantly, he is always ready to capture our love in a most natural way and it made our pictures just alive! 

He took us to different places in Singapore and his ideas was just so different than other photographers when we saw the results seems like we were in a different place other than Singapore. My husband, Martin, only has one word when he saw the result, which was " Wow! " hahaha 

I personally love working with Colin. He also did my profile picture for my upcoming audiophile music album because i am also a singer. Just put it this way, Colin can capture the most sincere and truest romantic moments you have with your partner, you will actually feel the love you both share when you look at the picture at the end. 

You wont regret it when you work with Colin and his Team. Thank you Colin, Rachel and Timeless-Romance for taking part in our journey. And thank you for our friendship as well! You and your talent is God's gift!"

- Martin & Cindy

Dance With Me

"Once again thanks for the amazing pictures and just to let you know, lots of our guests are very impressed by your photos.

The first meet up with Colin we are already amazed by the photos he hanged at his workplace. So many beautiful and lovingly pre-wedding photos presented right in front of our eyes. Regardless of local or overseas shoot, we are just stunned by the standard and quality that he can deliver. On the very same night, we have decided to engage him as our photographer. 

Finally the pre-wedding shoot day arrived, both me and my wife are super excited about it but what greeted us early in the morning is a gloomy and dark sky. Not knowing what to do, we proceed to meet up with Colin and Rachel. When we meet up with Colin, we are assured by him that even if it's rain, he will be able to think of alternative locations. We really have to give him a thumbs up for his professionalism. 

In the beginning of the photo shoot, both me and my wife we are a little stiff as it's the first time we are doing a photo shoot but luckily Colin manage to break the ice with us really fast and we are able to feel more relax and at ease after the first location. Throughout the whole photo-shoot, Colin always maintained at high energy level and you can see ideas keep coming up from him. I just love how he can use the same place but create so many different looks and feel. Also, he manage to achieve what we are looking for and even exceed our expectation. Initially we are looking for a photographer that can deliver high quality of work but in the end what we get in return is not only quality but also a wonderful experience that we will always treasure.

Thank you to your wonderful skills Colin!"

- Ziwei & Erin

Mark & S

"Colin sort of dropped from the sky when we were searching for a photographer for our actual wedding day and we decided to have another pre-wedding shoot (even though we already had one in place!) because we felt really comfortable with him after our first meeting and we wanted to have something different from the usual Bridal Studio photography. Colin has got tons of enthusiasm & passion in his work, in fact, I think he was even more enthusiastic about our shoot then we were! We were recommended to fantastic people like Danny L (Gowns) and Rachel(Make-up) who were really important and without their help, would not have made the shoot possible. It was a long and tiring not forgetting extremely hot day for our pre-wedding shoot! We had so many venues to cover in a limited period of time and lunch was taken only at 4pm! But they both took it in their stride and were still very professional about it. The pictures were fantastic and we both loved it!:) Appreciate all the hard work they did and I would recommend Timeless Romance to any soon to be couples out there! Cheers Colin!"

- Mark & Persis

Growing Old With You

"We worked with Colin for our Pre-wedding shots in Paris, and we loved how he was – funny and we were very comfortable with him and Rachel. Rachel did our make up then, and they were so patient and made us feel really at ease with them. We could talk about anything and shared our ideas easily. Colin would let me do all sorts of weird photos I wanted, you know me… And best of all, he was always up for something exciting and out of the blue. The wedding day itself, he was in a really good mood. And he was relaxed probably because Alvin and I was. He said that I was probably one of the most relaxed brides ever, and he caught me and shot where i put my leg up on the chair – resting you know? My parents complimented him so much, that he was very hardworking, and knowledgeable. During tea ceremony, he helped to arrange in order of who was eldest, and also if they needed to sit or stand when we offered them tea. I think he was also running around capturing every tiny moment, and we trusted him, so we didn’t bother him one bit! He captured all the best moments of our day and I couldn’t be more grateful to him. It is important to get a photographer you trust and can work well with, because all you are left with after your wedding day are the pictures."

- Alvin & Sarah

"Hello everybody! my name is Tamara and I'm from Moscow, Russia. My husband is Ivan. And I want to tell you about our adventure to Singapore for our pre-wedding photo-shoot. I'm 28 and when I was a child I really dream about my prince. And I met him 3 years ago and together we realised our little fairytail! So we came to Singapore for making our amazing photo-shoot. And I want to introduce our master who made our pre-wedding day wonderful - his name is Colin Ho and his great lady is Rachel Pang who made my makeup & hair fantastic! They really provided great service! We talked about our concept of photo shoot, about places where we can make our pictures, about dresses etc. They're really professional, so funny and warm! We live in Moscow but it was really easy to communicate with Colin on the Internet. He sent for us link with our photos. We chose our pictures for our album and after, we received our album through international courier in Moscow within 2 months. The album is FANTASTIC!!! I've never seen any album like the one we chose. I want to say THANK you so much! You made it for us and for our future children! And I know that all DREAMS COME TRUE!"

- Ivan & Tamara

"When we met Colin, my husband and i immediately decided to engage him for our pre-wedding and actual day photography. We could feel his enthusiam and sincereity right from the first day we met him. Colin is very frank yet funny and entertaining. Our pre-wedding shoot in Bali with makeup artist Rachel, was the highlight of our wedding journey. Colin has an eye for details, passionate, accomodating and quick thinking. Timeless Romance made all my photos beautiful as they knew the angles to work on and made us feel comfortable thorughout the trip. Rachel did a beautiful job for my makeup and hair, as it was so natural yet brought out my features.

For my actual day photography, Colin also captured every significant moment throughout the event. He did such a good job that every photo brought me back to my wedding day! Thank you Colin & Rachel for being part of our wedding journey. It is always fun with the both of you and we can't wait to engage you for future significant events in our lifes."

- Thomas & Grace

Dawn of The Phonix
"We wanted an oversea pre wedding shoot and we wanted somewhere different. It was one day when we looked at photos of Great Wall of China when he decided that THAT will be our pre wedding destination. Of course, when I was sharing the idea with my friends, everyone’s immediate reaction was “WHAT? Are you crazy? Walking up great wall with your gown?” We were also skeptical and have no idea what we were getting ourselves into and what kind of wedding photos it will turn out to be. There were also very very few “sample” of pre wed photos taken in Great Wall when we tried to google. 

We came across Timeless Romance and I was pretty impressed by his editing style. During our meeting, photographer Colin was very enthusiastic about our idea of shooting in Beijing, despite honestly telling us that it will be his first time there. Colin never failed us as he began to research on places in Beijing which are suitable for our shoot. Colin also make an effort to reach Beijing earlier than the shooting date just to explore and recce on the various locations he had shortlisted over the internet, so that he can get inspirations and find the suitable spots for shooting. Our photo shoot has got to be one of his most challenging task ever, together with the Make up artist Rachel; we had to travel long hours to various locations as well as making our way up the Great Wall (Lucky for us, there was cable car services!). However, despite the very tedious and adventurous photo shoot, Colin and Rachel always maintain their professionalism and also, a humorous and friendly attitude . Poor Rachel also has to help out with our barang barangs yet she is always so smiley and nice!

Rachel impresses with her make up skills which turned me into a pretty bride! I remember I returned to my room to change to my gowns after she was done with my make up, hubby opened the door and exclaimed “WAH!” (totally turned me into a different look! Hehe) The wedding photos turned out to be awesome, especially when Colin manages to blend in my Indian inspired evening gown nicely into Beijing – somewhere filled with Chinese culture. We also had so many friends telling us that our wedding photos were amazing! Indeed, we had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves throughout the entire shoot.

Thank you Colin and Rachel for doing such a great job! Highly recommended!"

- Andy & Stacey

"Colin has done a wonderful job of capturing our best angles, especially for Jerome who requested Colin to make him look slim. Colin's wonderful editing skills have also made our photos look amazing. Considering I'm a person who is NOT keen on being photographed and do like to pick on my own images usually. In addition, he is someone who is willing to go to an extra mile (lying on grounds, running the distance) to get a good shot. He always has encouraging words during photo-shoots to make you feel good and happy. Not forgetting his wonderful make-up artist, Rachel. Rachel has done a fantastic job of making me look natural with all the make-up! She went around with us, helped us carry our things to make our shoot easier although she really didn't have to. Really appreciated it! All in all, the photo-shoot was a great experience and we love the personalized service. Thank you Colin and Rachel!"

- Jerome & Xiubin

"Even before we started looking for a photographer, it was in our mind without a doubt that the shoot had to be in London due to its significance to us. Hence when we subsequently met up with Colin having browsed through his works online and found the style of his works to our liking, we were a little hesitant about engaging him when he frankly told us he had not been to London before. However he was totally open to the idea and was even more excited than us about exploring a new location for the photoshoot. So we worked together researching for suitable locations, on top of the few which we definitely wanted to go, and planned the itinerary. Colin was very helpful and gave us tips and reminders in preparation for the trip. Rachel, our MUA, also did her research for suitable hairdos and make-up style to match our gowns/suits and adjusted them accordingly upon discussion with us, so we were fully prepared before setting off for London! During the shoot itself, we were extremely excited and surprisingly Colin’s enthusiasm and energy level was even higher than ours! And thankfully he was always very patient with us and there to provide ideas on posing as we were a pair of rather uncreative and boring couple that turned stiff in front of the camera. His friendliness also helped us to relax so we could be as natural as possible for the shoot. Rachel was just as professional as well. She not only put in extreme care and effort during the make up session to ensure that we looked our very best for the shoot, she also followed us throughout the tiring shoot during which she would make regular efforts to check and touch up when necessary. She even went the extra mile to take care of our barang barang, shielded the bride from the chilly wind with a shawl in between shots, and even got us hot chocolates when it was simply too cold!! Our experience during the pre-wedding shoot convinced us that Colin was the obvious choice for the actual day photoshoot, so we engaged his service again. As professional as always, Colin arrived at the bride’s house sharply at 5.30am (we secretly wondered if he was already loitering around the area before time but chose not to arrive too early so as not to disturb the family). Not only could we just leave him to do his job without a worry since there were so many other things to worry about that day, he even became a great help by taking the initiative to ensure the smooth running of event when the need arises, especially during the chaotic tea ceremony and banquet photo-taking session. It was also a blessing that he was able to work well with the videographer whom we had engaged separately, so their works complemented each other and provided us with two different perspectives of the actual day event. All in all, Colin is an extremely friendly, professional, accommodating and energetic photographer whom one can totally depend on. Not only did the quality of the photos turned out well, the service throughout the process was also a pleasant and enjoyable one. We were really happy and thankful to have engaged the service of Timeless Romance. A big thumbs up to the Team!"
- Thomas & Vivian

"We were recommended to Colin by our designer, and it was just 6 months to our big day, so after looking through his website/testimonials, we thought why not? And we were glad we went right ahead! Colin was really friendly, and made us feel at ease right away. I think what is most important is that we feel comfortable with him, and are open to each other's ideas. We loved his creativity for our pre-wedding shots, and they received much compliments from our friends and family. Colin even did well in capturing us at our worst angles! We recently received our wedding day pictures and they were beautiful, he captured us, together with our guests, in our very essence. Colin mingled well with all our guests, and it never felt like he was just a photographer doing his job, but something more. Throughout our wedding planning and till after our big day, Colin was accessible and responded promptly to our requests/questions. Wedding - it being one of the most important days of our lives, it can be difficult to trust in that one person to create your memories in print. And we could not be happier to have chosen Colin for ours. Thank you once again for everything, and do continue to keep up the brilliant work!"

- Darren & Eileen

Hundred Steps, Thousand Miles

"Hey Colin! Wanna tell you that our family and friends are all impressed with the wedding photos you took! Even strangers...lols. When i went for a networking function at my hospital in Australia, colleagues I barely knew said they saw our wedding photos and liked it!

Thank you for showing us what impeccable service is. Not only are your photography skills impressive; what makes you different is your personal touch which makes you go the extra mile for us. We enjoyed you doing our wedding shots and we must say the photos were awesome."

- Iwan & Elaine

"I remember the day that I stepped into Timeless Romance studio. The moment Colin stepped away to get us a glass of water, I turned to my bride to be and told her, 'He is the one, I want him as our photographer. What ever the cost is!' I believed we were the first Malay Muslim couple Colin had ever photographed. On top of that the pre-wedding we did was also his first to Japan. It was a challenge for him. If it were to be graded he deserves an "A". His creativity, his talent and skills, there is no superlative to describe it. His work is pure magic. That can last a life time. We used to be clients, but moments in time turned us into friends."

"I shall not be a section in an archive, instead i shall be a part of history."

Hadi & Zian

Philipp & Carol Wedding @ National Museum

"Colin is absolutely fabulous as the photographer at my wedding. He is a talent for capturing those blink and you will miss moments. He wasn't afraid of getting dirty and I really mean dirty, hiding in obscure corners and lying on the floor just to get the shots, a true dedicated professional."

- Philipp & Carol

"Colin is an outstanding photographer yet he is down to earth and is very flexible and accommodating. Many thanks Colin, for your hard work and patience during all our shoots. To all promising couples, don't be put off by Colin's eccentric ideas. Just do with the flow and you'll be rewarded with all lots of amazing pictures!"

- Puichuan & Peishi

"Dear Colin, thank you for everything. You have been a great photographer for our wedding and every dollar spent was definitely worth it. When Dexter and I reflect, we definitely have no regrets engaging you instead of another photographer which we earlier short listed, and we are really glad to have found you! You have been very professional throughout the entire journey, From our pre wedding shoot to our actual wedding, you have taken care of every single detail. Not forgetting Rachel, thanks for being a fabulous make up artist for our pre-wedding as well. Dexter and I will definitely recommend Timeless Romance to any couple looking to hire a photographer!"

- Dexter & Deborah

"I highly recommend engaging Colin as your wedding photographer. He is very professional, helpful and creative- he does not hard sell his service and he provided us with the package according to our wants and needs. Besides that, he gave us good suggestions of picturesque locations near our wedding venue for our photo-taking and helped us a lot with our poses during the photo shoot. We managed to have many beautiful and poignant moments captured on our wedding day and we are very happy with the quality of the pictures and also with Colin's great service!"

- Eugene & Lee Xian

Alan & Zann Wedding @ 1-Altitude

"Thank you Colin,Evan & team for the marvelous and amazing photography/videography effort during our wedding day. Budget is always a concern during wedding planning for most groom and brides (including me). After appointing Timeless romance, we did not and never regretted this decision. Colin and Team are amazingly creative and talented. With their eye for details and creative direction, we truly enjoy their services. The memories they had captured are simply priceless and timeless. Nothing can be measured once you experienced all these. Once again, Thank you Timeless Romance, Colin, Evan and Team for the awesome partnership and memories which we all shared."

- Alan & Zann