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Save More Than $1000 For Our March 2018 Package

We will be heading back to Paris on 1-10 March 2018.
Package includes 2 days shoot with unlimited images returned.
Flush-mounted albums and stylish canvas included.
Only for our March 2018 package, makeup artist from Singapore will be included.

For more info email us at colin@timeless-romance.com


PARIS PreWedding

Our Most Loved Paris Memories

The last 7 years, we have created many wonderful & fond memories documenting pre-weddings across numerous cities. Far too often, I'm being asked which city we adored the most. Well, I guess nothing beats Paris! Probably the only city in the world, where we could travel by metro, from one location to another with so much ease. Probably the only city in world, where you could shoot in the rain and still feel the romance in the air. Probably, why we will never run out of ideas of where to shoot in Paris, as every spot and sight brings us a different feel each time we visit. Here is a list of our MOST LOVED Paris image. Each is significant to us in many ways and holds a unique place in our hearts. Going down the list, we hope you may be convinced why Paris could be the perfect city for your dream pre-wedding.

First Light In Paris

The Pigeons Are Real

I'm not kidding, the pigeons are real!
This image and those pigeons have helped us a great deal indeed.

Everything We Love About Paris

We Are Not In Rome

Even our well travelled brides are amazed when they saw their respective images.
The Parisian backstreets do bring us much surprises...

Romance On The Train

This Is How We Travel In Paris

Love Train

Paris metro is awesomely convenient and reliable.
At times a little magic appears...

Paris PreWedding

The Iconic Tower

Paris just oozes with Romance any time of the year.
Every corner with the Tour Eiffel on your sight...

The Holy Grail

The perfect setting to glorify your love and commitment for each other.
Some of the churches in Paris provides the most picturesque backdrop...

Oh Paris!

Random Surprises

I remember the above scene vividly.
We stopped by a cafe for a short break.
Out of nowhere, a vintage car stopped by in front of us.
It matches the brides gown, styling and more importantly the mood.
Paris always greets you with random surprises...

Just The Two Of Us

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I'm sure you have seen images of the Eiffel Tower or Louvre a thousand times.
As we drew inspiration from our couples,
there always another interesting angle to capture their love stories...

Paris Sonata

Autumn Sonata

Paris is picturesque during autumn.
Yellow and red leaves scattered among the Parisan payments...

Love Give Us Thrill

Growing Old With You

Postcards With Love

Random corners and streets often springs up a photo opportunity.
It's so hard not to fall in love in Paris...

Shawn & Estelle Paris PreWedding

Fine Art

When I edited and toned the image with an arty twist,
some people hated it (with a laugh).
But, there is something about it that holds a very special place in my heart.
Amazingly, we are rewarded when it claimed an international award...

Cafe Break

Relax & Love

Paris is one of the most relaxing cities to shoot.
Resting & chilling by a cafe right beside of our hotel...

Paris PreWedding

Diva Of Tuileries

Embraced By History

There is so much history in Paris.
Basically you have an abundance of historical sites as your backdrop.
You will be spoilt for choices...

Guess The Winner

Love Above All Things

A World For Two

Often we are asked the question why there are "no people" around,
in many of the Parisan images we have shared on online.
We can assure you Paris is always packed with tourists.
We just have to be creative haha...

Arthur & Marianne Paris PreWedding

Magical Rainy Days

Undoubtedly Paris is most romantic when it rains.
An unexplained attraction and romance fills the air...

Vintage Paris

Vintage Paris

There is something about Paris that turns me on.
Always something unexpected awaiting us.
In this instance, the cold, the rain and a vintage car stopping just for us,
to complete the perfect scene...

We are excited to be heading to Paris again in 2018. We are open to travel basically on any time of the year. Couples can decide their very own travel dates. That said, if you can join us during our scheduled period, where you can expect a bigger discount awaiting you. Additional city in Europe (London, Prague, Rome, Venice) can be arranged with add-on cost. Hereby we are excited to open slots for PreWedding / Engagement / Anniversary shoots on the following periods:


1-10 March 2018scheduled trips1 More Slot

Like most of our overseas packages, specially edited images, premium album, stylish canvas and professional makeup artist will be included in the deal. Likewise, wedding & evening gowns can be rented with our distinguished list of gown partners at special rates. Email us colin@timeless-romance.com or call us at 94891114 for more details. Or make an appointment at our gallery for a chat.