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Welcome To Timeless Romance Photography
Email: Colin@Timeless-Romance.com   Mobile: 94891114

Tell Me About Yourself?

I'm Colin and the principle photographer at Timeless Romance Photography. My journey into wedding photography was pretty strange. I've been a bridal fashion show choreographer and a wedding event organiser for more than a decade before i decided to venture into photography. I'm proud to have shot more than 300 weddings/pre-weddings and i've never looked back since.

Are You The Only Photographer?

We have a couple of associates and assistants. But rest assure, I will be the main man shooting your pre-wedding and wedding. I will not sign a contract with you and assign someone else to shoot your wedding. Thus, I never understood why couples would book a wedding day photography package with a bridal boutique and have NOT met or even know who's their photographer until the morning of the wedding.

Is Your Photography Style More Journalistic? So What's Your Style?

I get stuck when someone ask me this question. In fact, some of my clients refer to my work as contemporary and yet romantic haha. I quite like that description but seriously I can't describe the style of my work. I like to believe it's important to discuss and know what YOU like. What YOU desire in your wedding images. From that point on, I will try to meet your requirements but still maintain the 'Timeless Romance' feel in the images we create for you. Check out our image galleries to preview more of our usual style.

Bali PreWedding

What Are Your Packages For PreWeddings?

We have different packages for Singapore PreWeddings. Hours range from 4 to 7hrs, depending on the number of locations you prefer. We have also package options for inclusion of makeup artist and transport for your PreWedding day. Basic package starts from SGD$2400. Email us at colin@timeless-romance.com for more details.

What Are Engagement Shoots/Sessions?

In western culture, before the couple's wedding day, they will engage a photographer to capture some loving portraits of themselves. Usually, the session is very casual and serves to document a special moment in their wedding journey. In most part of Asia, couples would shoot a pre-wedding in bridal/wedding attire. But in recent years, we have a growing number of clients who have requested for Engagement Shoots instead. They appreciate more casual images to incapsulate their bonding. Likewise, we have couples who would book both an Engagement Shoot together with a conventional PreWedding package.

Do You Shoot A lot Of Overseas PreWeddings?

We are fortunate to have shot many Overseas PreWeddings and destination weddings. Overseas PreWeddings are very popular over the last decade. One advantage of travelling overseas for pre-weddings is pretty evident. Couples are more relax and clearly in 'holiday mood'. Furthermore, weather is usually more comfortable compared to Singapore. Thus, most of our Overseas PreWedding package is over 1.5 to 2 days of shoot. Usually our Overseas PreWedding package starts from SGD$6000, which includes makeup artist for the duration of the shoot. Kindly, check on our Scheduled Trips link for more info and upcoming shoot dates.

SangHyun & Yingqi Wedding @ Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa

What Are Charges For Actual Wedding Day?

We have packages for 8 or 10 hours of service. Couples who require lesser hours, are required to book on hourly basis. Our charges for standard weddings range from SGD$2400 to $4500. Options for albums and canvas are also available. Email us at colin@timeless-romance.com for package details.

Do You Edit The Images Yourself?

Like any chef, i'll prepare and edit all the images on my own. Every image that you receive will been hand-edited, one at a time, without mass and batch editing. Thus, i takes time for all your images to be edited and properly presented to you. Usually not more than 2 months for wedding packages and 1.5 months for pre-wedding packages.

How Many Wedding Images Do You Deliver?

Usually for standard weddings, you capture between 80 to 100 images per hour. Thus, you can expect approximately 800 images to be delivered for a full day wedding. We set high standards in our delivery of images to you. We will never copy your images in a miserable thumb drive and handover to you. Drop by at our studio to see our exclusive DVD boxes specially designed for our clients.

Iceland PreWedding

Where Can We Meet You To Find Out More?

We are located on the east side of Singapore. You can visit us at 21 Pasir Ris Link. I would prefer to meet you at my work station so that i could show you more of my work and conduct a proper presentation of my services. However, if it's inconvenient for you to travel to the east, you can always choose to FaceTime us for a face-to-face discussion. Else, i would gladly meet you in town. But, i'll not be able to bring all my albums and canvas to show you physically. We are available on week days (evenings as well) and weekends too. So do drop me a message at 94891114 or email me at colin@timeless-romance.com to make arrangements.

Where Can I Read More Reviews Of Timeless Romance Before I Decide?

We served many clients over the years and you can read testimonials of our services in this following link- Raves. If you have further queries or would like to brief us and tell us more of your wedding plans, feel free to contact us.

Our Esteemed Client Glenn Ong & Jean Danker:

Receiving our Signature Actual Day DVD Boxes and Signature Album. 

So much joy just flipping through this wedding book. Thank you Colin @timelessromance for personally delivering this to me at work on CNY eve no less, just before your reunion dinner! Great great work. Thank you thank you! ❤ #jeanglennwedding
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Other Exclusive Products:

Besides standard flushed-mounted albums and coffee table albums, we offer other exclusive products for our couples. Stylish Canvas: (top left)
- made in Australia, our canvases are of premium quality that could last decades
- several sizes to pick from Classic Frames: (top centre)
- handcrafted
- our frames are perfect to hang on walls of your homes with a touch of class DVD Suite: (top right)
- wedding dvds for our wedding couples Signature DVD Boxes: (bottom left)
- our signature dvd boxes is one of our most popular products
- each couple with their very own story boxes DHL Delivery: (bottom centre)
- we only trust reputable courier services to send our products for couples that are based overseas Table Tops: (bottom right)
- perfect way to decorate your wedding reception table/area