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Overseas PreWedding Schedule 2017/18

We are delighted you maybe deciding to shoot your pre-wedding overseas possibly in your dream destination. This page is specially catered for couples who are interested in our Overseas PreWedding or Post Wedding Packages.

Select the best possible package to fit your schedule and create your most ideal PreWedding / Post Wedding shoot in your wedding journey. 

Packages can also be used for anniversary or honeymoon shoot. Don't miss out on special discounts when you book early. Email us Colin@Timeless-Romance.com for more details. Or make an appointment at our gallery for a chat.

You know what...You have just taken your first step towards your dream pre-wedding. Likewise, let us know if there's a location out-there you would like to shoot your pre-wedding images, we would gladly try to fit your dates into our schedule.


  • scheduled dates ~
  • location ~
  • price ~ 
  • remark ~
April 6 to13 TOKYO/SENDAI $7000 fully booked

May 1-4 PARIS $8200 fully booked

May 5-10 ICELAND $8200 fully booked

October 1-12 PARIS $9200 last slot

November14-21 KYOTO $7800 open for booking

  • 2018
January 10 to 20 SEOUL $7000 (promo) open for booking

March 1 to 10 LONDON $8200 (promo) open for booking

April 1 to 8


$7000 (promo)

open for booking
September 1-15
$17800 (promo)
Includes PreWedding Videography

Couples are encouraged to pick any city of their choice for their prewedding shoot. Couples do not need to follow any of our scheduled trips above. Couples can decide their desired period of shoot.

Email us Colin@Timeless-Romance.com or call us at 94891114 for more details. Or make an appointment at our gallery for a chat.

* all prices stated are nett (SGD)
* our policy to ensure early bookings always gets the best deal as some clients         assumes photographers will provide even more discounts for last minute sign-ups
* clients can also indicate their desired city and period to shoot